The investigation of Bruce McArthur and the Gay Village killings has been a grim one. From the lack of initial investigation on the slew of disappearances of residences in the area to the eventual uncovering of a serial killer, the entire process has divided the city and police. 

As unfathomable as the investigation sounds, the police have revealed that this isn't the first time an instance like this has occurred in Toronto. In fact, Bruce Mcarthur's attacks have glaring similarities to an unsolved case that happened 40 years ago. 

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The case terrified locals at the time from 1975 to 1978 where men leaving the exact same gay bar started to go missing. Eventually, 14 of the missing men were found dead, and it was released to the public that their deaths had been violent and brutal.

Locals were convinced that it was a serial killer at work but the police refused to validate the public's suspicion. While some select cases were solved, others were left cold- with many still believing they were all connected. 

The story makes the Bruce McArthur case sound like deja vu, with the police making the exact same mistakes as last time with their lack of speed on the investigation. At the time of the first tragedy, McArthur was in his 20s, and while the police haven't explicitly said they have found any connections, many are convinced he is at least a copycat of the initial killer or killers. 

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The police have as of now said that they are pulling files from the previous cases and looking for any links between McArthur and those murders. While the story definitely sends a chill down many Torontonian's spines, all we do now is wait and see how the story unfolds, and remember to always exercise caution with meeting up with strangers. 

Source: CBC News