It's Cheaper For Canadians To Travel To The US Than To Places In Canada

The sad reality of Canadian travel.
It's Cheaper For Canadians To Travel To The US Than To Places In Canada

Travel for Canadians by air is apparently cheaper to destinations outside of their own country than to destinations within it, according to a report by

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The study revealed that the top 10 most affordable travel destinations for Canadians this year are actually all US locations:

  • NYC, New York - $294
  • Boston, Massachusetts - $362
  • Washington, D.C. - $378
  • Chicago, Illinois - $410
  • Seattle, Washington - $441
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida - $442
  • Orlando, Florida - $442
  • Tampa, Florida - $456
  • Los Angeles, California - $458
  • Phoenix, Arizona - $461

Flights within Canada were found to be considerably more expensive than international flights. The most affordable flights within Canada were reported to be Montreal ($481) which took the 15th spot, Ottawa ($492) which took the 17th spot, and Halifax ($495) which took the 19th spot.

Such prices are rather staggering, especially when you consider that flights to tropical destinations like Cancun ($473) and Costa Rica ($459) are still cheaper than the most affordable Canadian destinations.

The study also revealed, after more than 660,000 hours of online search analysis, that Manila and Vancouver were the top two most searched destinations by Torontonians and Canadians alike.

Read the full report by here.

*All prices are in CAD

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