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It's Finally Going To Feel Like Summer In Toronto And Here's When

We're going to experience the longest stretch of sunny weather all summer.
It's Finally Going To Feel Like Summer In Toronto And Here's When

Put away those tall boots and leather jackets Toronto, it looks like we're going to get to enjoy summer for a little bit longer. 

According to the Toronto Star, after an unfortunately wet summer, we're about to receive one of the longest stretches of hot weather.

For the next two weeks, you can expect highs in the mid-20s thanks to a high-pressure system settles into the region. 

While mid-20s doesn't seem like life-shattering weather conditions,  after such a frustrating summer we'll take all the sunshine we can get. This forecast is actually four degrees higher than normal for this time of year according to Environment Canada meteorologist Rob Kuhn. 

Kuhn also noted that we could experience a " brief shower in the GTA on Wednesday and Wednesday night,” as Hurricane Irma fades out of existence, but that "most of the time it will be dry, and most folks won’t see any rain, just patchy clouds."

So seriously, don't give up on summer just yet. We still have until the 21st before fall officially arrives, so enjoy the sunshine while you can!

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