The Farmer's Almanac just released some very important information for this year's Toronto winter. While it might take some time to actually feel winter creep in, we'll see those frosty temperature come mid-November, with cold fronts changing every ten days or so. 

The Almanac predicts that winter won't be as cold as we're used to, with temperatures looking at a degree-hotter than our usual winters. Their editor, Jack Burnett, describes the up-coming weather as, "Not so cold as days of old, but still enough to wear your muff." 

We're also looking at a shorter winter than normal, with no heavy duty cold lasting longer than the end of March. And of course, the Almanac has predicted a fluffy white Christmas for all of us Torontonians, which we couldn't be happier about. The predictions from the Farmer's Almanac this year are 80% accurate, so make sure to get some soft scarves and snuggly blankets for when the temperature drop. 

Source: CBC News