Breakfast food is IN right now.

I mean, it always has been, but more than ever before people are realizing that their favourite breakfast sandwich shouldn't just be enjoyed in the AM, but all day long. A&W has listened to your wants, hopes, and dreams and just rolled out all-day breakfast across Canada! 

That's right, the home of the burger family, is stepping up the breakfast game and making it available at anytime of the day. Craving a Sausage & Egger for dinner? Go for it! Desperate for a hashbrown but it's past 11am? No problem! All breakfast sandwiches and wraps are now available whenever the craving hits. 

What else is interesting to note, is that they'll also have their regular menu as early as 7am so you'll never have to wait until lunch to have a delicious Teen Burger. Essentially, you could now eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner...what an exciting time we live in! 

via @foodwithmaiaa

Pssst, their ice cold root beer goes with ANY food, breakfast or otherwise. Cheers! 

To celebrate their all-day breakfast launchA&W teamed up with Gunnarolla for an epic road trip to Georgian Bay to show off Canada's insane natural beauty (with the help of some delicious breakfast foods, obviously): 

Gunnarolla is popular for his eclectic collection of music videos like Canadian Please and this ode to Comic Sans, as well as his travel videos from adventures around the world, but this time around, he decided to explore in our province’s beautiful backyard.  

There’s so many amazing stops in this his awesome 12 hour road trip, including a peculiar but charming phone booth stranded in by the side of the highway, Cypress Lake, and Singing Sands beach. 

via @prairiegrown

So no matter when your road trip begins, A&W's Bacon & Egger will always complete your journey. 

More from info on A&W's all-day breakfast menu, click here