First of all, breath, that your jaw is back to normal, mark April 15th in your calendar ASAP x 100. While Tim Hortons distracted us with Roll Up The Rim, they had actually been working on these ultimate chocolatey Nutella-ey concoctions this entire time. Sources have confirmed the birth of the future of pastries with a collaboration of Nutella and Tim Hortons staples.

Here is what to prepare your body for when you walk in for your daily does of java on the 15th according to Newswire:

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella:

This is a bloom donut that has Nutella piped into the middle.

2. Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella:

This is somewhat like a Timbit, blasted with Nutella, and small bits of heaven.

3. Bagel with Nutella:

Basically any bagel you want and Timmies will spread sweet Nutella all over it.

The mouth watering treats will be available from April 15, 2015, to April 29, 2015Bring it on Tim Hortons, my body is ready.