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8 Times Jack Campbell Was The Leafs' Own Personal Cheerleader

Campbell's teammates can't get enough of his good vibes!
Jack Campbell Might Be The Cutest Maple Leaf & Here's 8 Things That Prove It

If Canadians are known for being nice, then this American-born NHL player is giving us a run for our money. William Nylander may be the best-dressed teammate on the Toronto Maple Leafs, but by all accounts, Jack Campbell appears to be the nicest. So get ready for some seriously wholesome hockey content. 

Whether he’s shouldering the blame after a loss or offering up his nickname rights, Campbell has proven time and time again that his kindness knows no bounds. 

Both Leafs fans and his fellow teammates — past and present — agree, too.

"He's probably one the most positive people I've ever been around," Tyson Barrie shared with TSN’s Mark Masters earlier in March.

"Probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet,” Zach Hyman added.

When asked why he was so nice, Campbell, naturally, had the kindest response. 

"My folks are pretty special," he said, per Masters. "I just try to be like them & if I'm half as nice as them I'm doing it right."

Well, ain't that just the cutest?

If you’re already thinking he can’t possibly get any sweeter, just wait. 

In the list below we’ve highlighted eight times Campbell prooved he was quite possibly the very nicest human being of all.

It's All Gucci, Bud

Even before he arrived in Toronto, Campbell was spreading joy all around L.A. In an interview with TSN, former teammate Drew Doughty remembered a time when Campbell bought him a Gucci tie as a thank-you for being invited to after-work drinks.

"Jack will do anything for anyone," Doughty shared via TSN. "It almost gets to the point that you're going up to him like, 'Hey, stop doing sh** for people.'"

The Comment King

If a Leafs player posts on Instagram, it's only a matter of time before Jack Campbell leaves a positive comment.

Also, how cute is it that he calls Morgan Rielly "Morgs"?

No Soup For You

When asked about the "Soupy" nickname, which Campbell now shares with his soup-loving teammate Ilya Mikheyev, he was quick to hand the rights over.

"I'll switch up my nickname for him if he wants to keep it," Campbell announced. Awe!

Reunited & And It Feels So Good

After playing together in L.A. and then reuniting here in Toronto, Campbell had nothing but nice things to say (surprise, surprise) about Jake Muzzin.

In a quote shared by Sportsnet's Luke Fox, Campbell said: "Muzz is the man. He's such a leader and brings it every night, and I was so upset when we traded him in L.A. No offence to L.A. or anything, but I just missed him. It's great to be back with him."

A Real Team Player

Even Auston Matthews knows there's nothing but love coming from their newest backup goalie.

"(Campbell) just loves the boys, honestly. Just really easygoing, just wants to compete out there & have fun & be in the locker room. His quote the other day was pretty special. He wants to show us how supportive he is," Matthews said via Masters.

The 'Good Job' Tap

As a way of letting his D-man know he's done a good job, Campbell makes a point of always giving them a little tap on the ice.

"They always tell me, 'Good job,' so it's kind of like (me saying) 'Good job.' It kind of makes you interact with your teammates a little more. Being in the net, you're not on the bench so you can't really chat it up with the boys," Campbell explained.

Coming In Clutch

In addition to his kind words, supportive nature, and all-around good-guy vibe, there's the fact that Campbell is actually pretty solid in net too.

Thanks, bud.

'Stache Bros Unite

Let's not forget that time Jack shaved into an incredible moustache to support AM34's road to 50 goals. Talk about being 'stache bros.

And the 6ix simply can't get enough of this sort of kindness, judging by some of the comments about him online.

One Leafs fan even wrote: "Jack Campbell is literally a puppy. He thinks everybody is a great guy, it's great."

Yep, that seems to pretty much sum it up.

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