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Jason Momoa Spotted Exploring Toronto In A T-Shirt (PHOTOS)

The mo' Momoa, the better!
Jason Momoa Spotted Exploring Toronto In A T-Shirt (PHOTOS)

If you thought you saw Aquaman aka Khal Drogo wandering around the Parkdale area of the 6ix this week, you’re probably not wrong. Jason Momoa is in Toronto filming season 2 of See, and fans have been spotting him all over the city. From the streets to some of the best restaurants in town, it seems the star is getting a taste of what Toronto has to offer. 

The hunk is in town after he recently started shooting the sophomore season of the sci-fi show.

And, in a recent Instagram post, Momoa didn’t hold back about his distaste for the chilly Canadian weather. 

However, it seems he’s found the perfect way to stay warm after all: with a big bowl of ramen.

Ramen Isshin on College Street was more than happy to welcome the Aquaman star into their restaurant, as you can see in the group photo they shared.

And, unlike his previous Vancouver ramen trip, he didn’t have to wait in the elevator for this soup. 

So, it's clear the Honolulu-born actor likes his fair share of Japanese noodles and soup.

According to Momoa’s Instagram stories, though, ramen isn't the only Asian dish he's already enjoyed while in Toronto. 

After a long day of filming, he shared a video of eating what he called “the best sushi in Toronto” at Sushi Masaki Saito.

That's some shout-out.

One fan who spotted the star in Parkdale told Narcity that drag queens came running out of The Gladstone yelling his name. 

That sounds like its very own TV show to us, to be honest.

Anyway, it seems a lot of people are pretty excited he’s here.

Per What’s Filming, he is set to be in Toronto through until July, as production is set to wrap on July 10.

So it sounds like there'll be plenty more opportunities for sightings.

It seems many of his army of fans were shocked to see the celebrity during their regular daily outings. 

"Even in a snowstorm he was still wearing a t-shirt," read one tweet.

What a hero.

With Momoa spending so much time in Toronto over the next few months, maybe he'll become the latest celeb to go in on some prime real estate in Ontario?

Jason Momoa is in Toronto, Mel Gibson is in Ottawa. What a time to be alive right now.

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