Animal Activists Crashed J Lo's TIFF Premiere Because Of Her Fur-Filled New Movie (VIDEO)

The protests were over Lopez's use of fur coats.
Animal Activists Crashed J Lo's TIFF Premiere Because Of Her Fur-Filled New Movie (VIDEO)

Not everyone who attends TIFF is there to fangirl over their favourite stars. Some are on a mission. The appearance of Jennifer Lopez at TIFF took a turn after a group of animals rights activists shouted at her as she walked the red carpet. The vegan group took aim at J Lo’s fur coats, claiming that the actress “hates animals.”

Lopez was there to promote Hustlers, her acclaimed new film about a band of strip club employees who turn Wall Street upside down. It is apparent in videos of the interaction that the star is doing her best to ignore the protesters.

The protestors took aim at Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe in Hustlers. The trailer for the new film features a clip of J Lo in an extravagant-looking fur coat, though it's unclear if the fur is real.

The protest may have caused some tension, however, Lopez was unphased enough to share an Instagram photo taken on that very same night.

Ashley Ollie, a member of the animal rights group, took to her own Instagram to share a video of the confrontation. “Confronting FUR WEARER Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet at her movie premiere Hustlers at the Toronto International Film Festival,” the caption reads.

J-Lo wasn’t the only one to face animals rights protesters at TIFF this year. The film festival's first day was interrupted by PETA protesters who showed up to speak out against Canada Goose's status as an official TIFF sponsor.

Patrick John Gilson
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