The Toronto Raptors' NBA championship ring handoff is still not over. Ex-Raptor Jeremy Lin will soon be finally getting his hands on his own bling and it seems he just can't wait. In a recent Instagram Q&A session, the current Beijing Ducks star shared with his fans that he hasn't even been willing to look at photos of his ring because he wants to be surprised by seeing it in person.

Lin spent four-and-a-half months in Toronto after joining back in February. He moved to China in free agency in July.

And, with the point guard tied up in the Chinese Basketball Association, he hasn't had a chance to come to Toronto to retrieve his ring.

But it sounds like his former team is happy to save him the time and the airfare.

While doing a Q&A, Lin was asked when he was coming back to Toronto to pick up his Championship ring.

"Funny you ask," responds the 31-year-old. "I'm actually having it brought to China in a week. Toronto was kind enough to hand deliver it to my peeps in California."

He added: "I heard it's fatttt but I refuse to look at pictures bc I wanna see it live first #diamondsareforever."

Well, he's probably got an idea of what to expect.

After all, most of the Raptors' NBA-winning roster have already got their hands on theirs.

And at least Lin is actually getting the memento of his part in Toronto's success, unlike Jonas Valanciunas and a couple of other departed players.

Lin made one appearance during the NBA Finals series against the Golden State Warriors. He played a total of 27 minutes in the postseason, including under a minute in the Finals. 

After his exit from the Raptors had been confirmed, Lin notably said that he felt he had hit "rock bottom."

He then posted an emotional goodbye message to Toronto on his Instagram account in August as he announced his plans to head to Beijing.

Although some Raptors fans were sad to see Lin leave the 6ix, China welcomed "Linsanity" with open arms.

But fans didn't hesitate to jump in the Q&A to ask him if he'd ever come back to the NBA.

"It all depends," replied Lin. "At this point, all I can say is I'm open to both down the road, but really not thinking about it."

He added: "Still at times processing the shock/disappointment of this past summer's free agency, but I've completely embraced the challenge here and legit loving it. I'm in the moment, it's the only way to live. I'll let God lead me when I get to next summer!!"

Wherever he may go, at least he'll have his ring.

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