Linsanity is officially back! Okay, it might be too early to declare that, but Jeremy Lin certainly let the CBA know what’s up during his preseason debut. According to The New York Post, Lin, who plays for the Beijing Ducks, put up a whopping 40 points and six rebounds in a face-off against the Zhejiang Lions last week. The news of the 31-year-olds comeback is sure to warm the hearts of his fans who watched him struggled during his 2018-2019 season with the Toronto Raptors.

Lin may have become the first-ever Asian American to win an NBA Championship during his tenure in Toronto; however, the basketball star rode the bench during the NBA Finals, and the glory of the victory was mostly attributed to Kawhi Leonard. Lin’s rough season in the 6ix also caused him to be largely ignored during this year’s free agency.

“Every year, it gets harder. In English, there’s a saying: Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. But rock bottom just seems to get more and more rock bottom for me,” Lin explained back in July during a tear-filled speech in Taiwan for GOOD TV.

“And so free agency has been tough because I feel like the NBA has kind of given up on me. And I always knew that if I gave anybody a reason to doubt that they would,” he added.However, its no shocker for Lin to light up the competition overseas.

Fans were, of course, stoked to see Lin return to form:

"He's gonna realize he should have went there 10 years ago. He'll make 5x what he made in the NBA in the next 5 years," wrote one user about Lin's new home.

"I genuinely LOVE this guy, bring Linsanity back," wrote another.

His Linsanity years prove that he can be a force to reckon with when he is in top form. He’s also not the first player to head to the CBA for a chance at redeeming their basketball careers. According to Valley Of The Suns, Stephon Marbury became so popular in China that they erected a statue in his honour.

So, even if Lin never bounces back to the NBA, there is still plenty of opportunities to achieve greatness in the CBA.

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