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Jeremy Lin Speaks Out About His Emotional Breakdown For The First Time

Linsanity is finally starting to get back on his feet.

Linsanity is down but not out. Jeremy Lin’s emotional breakdown last month served as a reminder of the intense pressure that comes with playing in the NBA. It was hard to hear Lin say that he felt like he “hit rock bottom” this season, and to see a legend doubt himself.

Lin choked back tears during a speech in Taiwan for GOOD TV, a Christian outlet. The player opened up about his declining career and how it felt to ride the bench for the Raptors as they won their first-ever championship.

“Every year, it gets harder. In English, there’s a saying: Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. But … rock bottom just seems to be getting more and more rock bottom for me,” Lin had said.

However, in the week since his breakdown, Lin seems to have found a more positive perspective. The player opened up about his struggles to The New York Post on Monday, and he appeared to be in much better spirits this time around.

“I knew going on stage, I knew I was going to break down, you know?” Lin said according to The Post. “I knew that was part of it, and I was willing to do it because I was like, hey, this is part of a message or something that I want to push. It’s like, we’re human. We’re not perfect. We struggle. We chase our dreams. We often fail. But through it all, God is still sovereign and great."

Lin continued, “So many of my worst situations have turned into the best things for me. So, knowing that there’s purpose and peace and the midst of your hardships makes it so that when I am in the midst of a valley like I am right know where I don’t see the fruits of my labour… I don’t see anything paying off, I still know I can keep plugging away and there’s a reason why this is happening.”

“Man, try. Fail. It’s OK,” Lin concluded. “Get back on your feet. Fail again. It’s OK. This is life.”

It's clear that Lin is trying to have a more optimistic outlook on his low points. He’s admitted that he’s human and he is determined to stay in the fight.