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Toronto’s Employment Rate Jumped In 2019 Because Tech Companies Are Hiring Like Crazy

It turns out 2019 was a decent year for employment in the 6ix, and the city's tech sector enjoyed a particular boom. The city's year-end survey found almost 47,000 jobs in Toronto were added over the last 12 months. Of those, around 10,000 were in tech.

The 2019 employment survey was released by the City of Toronto on Monday, January 20.

According to its findings, TO saw significant employment growth of 3.1% in 2019, which resulted in approximately 46,920 more jobs.

It was in the tech field that the most strides seem to have been made, though.

There was an employment increase of 16.6% since 2018, which translates to 60,408 jobs added over the last year or so.

Since 2014, in fact, Toronto's tech sector has actually enjoyed a massive 84.6% boom over five years.

Per the survey, there's also been a growth in tech businesses. 2019 saw 1,729 registered employers in the field, an increase of 15.5% in 12 months.

"We have now reached a total of more than 1.5 million jobs in Toronto - more than a million of which are full-time jobs," reads a tweet by the city's Mayor John Tory.

"I remain focused on ensuring we continue to grow more businesses here – across all sectors – and that we create jobs by attracting more businesses to Toronto."

Mayor Tory spoke at Toronto-founded media outlet theScore on Monday to highlight the survey's findings.

He emphasized the importance of the technology sector and how, in the contemporary era, it is a key feature in the economy of the city.

“It’s no secret that a key feature of Toronto’s economy in the 21st century has been the rise of our technology sector," said Tory.

"The survey results reinforce this growth – with the total number of tech businesses almost doubling over the past five years and an incredible 85% increase in jobs in the tech sector over the same time period.” 

While multiple factors will have affected the boost in tech-sector jobs, moves such as Shopify's opening of a second full-time office in Toronto will surely have provided some of the shift in momentum.

When it comes to full-time jobs in Toronto overall, there was an increase of 31,930, a 2.8% growth since 2018.

For part-time jobs, meanwhile, 14,980 new opportunities popped up for a 4% rise.

According to CP24, Toronto also added more than 15,000 jobs in the finance and insurance sector, more than 10,000 in health care and social assistance, and 9,140 in educational services.

Jobs continue to grow in the downtown core, too. By 37%, to be exact, according to the release

"This employment survey also highlights the success of Toronto’s thriving tech sector - with the total number of tech businesses almost doubling over the past five years," reads Tory's tweet.

"Total employment in our tech sector for 2019 was 60,408 jobs, an incredible 85% increase over five years."

So, if you're looking to secure a full-time or part-time position with any of Toronto's top employers for 2019, tech sounds like a good bet right about now.

For example, Shopify currently lists a range of jobs that are or can be based in the city, from engineering and development to sales.

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