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John Tory Has Been Officially Re-Elected Mayor Of Toronto And These Are All The Councillors For The City's New 25 Wards

Toronto's new 25 seat city council has been confirmed after Monday's election.
John Tory Has Been Officially Re-Elected Mayor Of Toronto And These Are All The Councillors For The City's New 25 Wards

City council is definitely changing in Toronto after Monday's election, no matter who won the mayoral seat. The election period was plagued with debate after Doug Ford cut the 47-seatcouncil down to 25 seats in the middle of campaigning. 

Now it has been confirmed that John Tory will continue as Toronto's mayor after the polls closed at 8:00 PM, according to Macleans. While the race was tight up until the finish line, Tory will continue to hold down the council at City Hall for the next four years.

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BREAKING: John Tory is expected to win a second term as #Toronto's mayor with more than 80 per cent of the polls reporting.

October 23, 2018

With 80% of the polls counted, John Tory received over 60% of the city's support with re-election. Tory first became Toronto's mayor four years ago in 2014, after running a campaign against the current Premiere Doug Ford.  

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Narcity participated in the election coverage leading up to voting day on October 22nd. While John Tory was predicted for victory on Monday night, Torontonians were also swaying to other mayoral candidates like Tory's previous city planner, Jennifer Keesmaat, and Faith Goldy, who has been referred to as "the female Donald Trump of Canada."

So who will be joining John Tory back at City Hall following the elections? While some councillors will be returning to their seats, like Gord Perks and Mike Layton, other victories have displaced previous councillors, like the infamous Giorgio Mammoliti in Ward 7. 

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Here is the full list of winners in each of the 25 wards in Toronto: 

  • Ward 1 - Etobicoke North: Micheal Ford won with 42% of votes.
  • Ward 2 - Etobicoke Centre: Stephen Holyday won with 38% of votes. 
  • Ward 3 - Etobicoke-Lakeshore: Mark Grimes won with 41% of votes.
  • Ward 4 - Parkdale-High Park: Gord Perks won with 44% of votes.
  • Ward 5 - York South-Weston: Frances Nunziata with 31% of votes.
  • Ward 6 - York Centre: James Pasternak won with 42% of votes. 
  • Ward 7 - Humber River-Black Creek: Anthony Perruzza won with 36% of votes.
  • Ward 8 - Eglinton-Lawrence: Mark Colle won with 40% of votes.
  • Ward 9 - Davenport: Ana Bailão won with 83% of votes.
  • Ward 10 - Spadina-Fort York: Joe Cressy won with 54% of votes.
  • Ward 11 - University-Rosedale: Mike Layton won with 69% of votes.
  • Ward 12 - Toronto-St. Paul's:  Josh Matlow won with 52% of votes. 
  • Ward 13 - Toronto Centre: Kristyn Wong-Tam won with 50% of votes. 
  • Ward 14 - Toronto-Danforth: Paula Fletcher won with 54% of votes.
  • Ward 15 - Don Valley West: Jaye Robinson won with 51% of votes. 
  • Ward 16 - Don Valley East: Denzil Minnan-Wong won with 46% of votes.
  • Ward 17 - Don Valley North: Shelley Carroll won with 40% of votes. 
  • Ward 18 - Willowdale: John Filion won with 31% of votes.
  • Ward 19 - Beaches-East York: Brad Bradford won with 38% of votes.
  • Ward 20 - Scarborough Southwest: Gary Crawford won with 35% of votes. 
  • Ward 21 - Scarborough Centre: Michael Thompson won with 69% of votes. 
  • Ward 22 - Scarborough-Agincourt: Jim Karygiannis won with 46% of votes. 
  • Ward 23 - Scarborough North: Cynthia Lai won with 26% of votes. 
  • Ward 24 - Scarborough-Guildwood: Paul Ainslie won with 67% of votes.
  • Ward 25 - Scarborough-Rouge Park: Jennifer McKelvie won with 41% of votes. 

I'd like to congratulate Mayor Tory on his victory. I'm sure he will return to office determined to make his time there count, and I wish him well.

October 23, 2018

Mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat congratulated John Tory on his second term as mayor. Keesmaat received 23% of Toronto's mayoral votes, while conservative candidate Faith Goldy received 3% of the votes.  

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Tory was quick to call out Doug Ford after slashing the size of Toronto's city council earlier in the campaign. After the city pursued legal action against the province of Ontario it was decided that the Ford government did have the right to decrease the number of councillors in Toronto.

Source: Macleans

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