John Tory Used A Leafs Analogy To Educate Toronto About COVID-19 Because Of Course

Canadians know how to get through to one another.
John Tory Used A Leafs Analogy To Talk To Toronto About COVID-19 Because Of Course

If in doubt, put it in puck terms. At his latest press briefing on Monday, April 27, Toronto Mayor John Tory used a hockey analogy to explain where the city is at in the battle against COVID-19. Hockey may be gone right now, but it sure isn't forgotten.

Tory, along with Dr. Eileen de Villa and Toronto Fire chief Matthew Pegg, gave his latest daily update on Monday afternoon, April 27.

And the mayor, while talking about what Torontonians should be expecting in the next few weeks, decided it was best to puck up his ideas and Leaf no sporting reference unturned.

"As we move into week seven of this pandemic, I know people want this to be over as soon as possible," Mayor Tory said in his briefing.

"This morning, on television, with a sense of hope, I compared this to a time near the end of the second period in a hockey game.

"The Leafs are winning, things are looking better, you just want the game to finish on a positive note and you certainly don't want overtime.

"But, in the case of the pandemic, I know that you also want it to be over safely. That's what the reference to 'overtime' is all about, we don't want to be in overtime with this."

By that reference to overtime, Tory seemed to mean that he wants to ensure Toronto's measures allow the city to get beyond the peak period of the pandemic sooner rather than later.

This isn't the first time Canada's sport of choice has been used as a communications tool regarding COVID-19, though. After all, why would it be?

Back on April 7, the federal Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, told Canadians to keep two metres apart. To get rid of those pesky numbers, though, she clarified that's around a hockey stick's length.

Thanks, Patty!

Very quickly, it seemed this most Canadian units of measurement was really resonating with Canadian citizens and businesses.

For example, restaurants were snapped using hockey sticks to enforce social distancing in drive-thru lines.

And, on April 9, Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips admitted the province was unsure at the time whether it was in "the first period or the third period."

Well, Minister Phillips, you'll be pleased to know that Tory has clarified for you. We're coming into the third, and the Leafs are winning.

We're sure the players, as bored as they are, are delighted.