Jonas Brother Fans Are Devastated After They Cut Their Toronto Concert Short Last Night

Fans were kicked out without hearing the last two songs.
Jonas Brother Fans Are Devastated After They Cut Their Toronto Concert Short Last Night
Ontario Editor

Jonas Brother fans have been flocking to Toronto this weekend to relive their childhood as the famous band rolls through the city for their Happiness Begins tour. Opening their two-day tour in Toronto, the Jonas Brothers were 'Burnin' Up' the stage on Friday night. However, fans ultimately left the show disappointed after the Jonas Brother concert came to an abrupt ending due to technical difficulties. 

According to fans, the Jonas Brothers left the crowd hanging after they cut their concert short, not appearing on stage for their much-anticipated encore. Fans recall that the lights went up and security started to kick fans out, without the trio even wishing the audience a good night. 

While the Jonas Brothers still rocked on for the rest of the show, fans were ultimately disappointed considering the last two songs that were expected to be played were the top hits Burnin' Up and Sucker. Many fans claimed that one of the main reasons they bought tickets to the show in the first place was to hear these two hit songs. 

Some fans are even asking for compensation after the show was cut short, one Twitter user even stating "Are fans that saw tonight's @jonasbrothers Toronto concert gonna get some compensation??"

Multiple fans had different speculations as to why the show was cut short. Some say that they got kicked out because the show went too late and others claim it was a bomb threat. However, the most popular theory is that one of the screens started to fall apart, posing a risk for the band if they continued to play on stage. 

The Jonas Brothers released an apology tweet late that night, stating, "Toronto we're so sorry we didn't get to play our last two songs. Unfortunately, there was an unforeseen technical difficulty and our show production team advised we end the show. Thank you all for coming out tonight! We love you all so much!"

Despite the heartfelt apology that showcased it was a technical difficulty that put the concert to an abrupt end and that it was likely out of the band's control, fans still weren't happy about the scenario. 

Many fans are even blaming the band for not coming back out to at least explain the technical difficulty, one user stating, "Couldn't have come out and played acoustic? Or at least come back and say a proper goodbye and apology?"

However, despite the disappointment, many fans are still reeling with excitement today as the Jonas Brothers are set to play their second concert in Toronto Saturday night. 

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor