Ontario Hockey fans rejoice! St. Louis Blues star goalie Jordan Binnington is coming home and he's bringing the Stanley Cup with him. Binnington, a Richmond Hill native, will travel through the south end of Richmond Green Park with the NHL’s top prize this Friday as part of his day with the cup.

According to YorkRegion.com, Binnington is expected to kick off his journey at 10:00 AM. He will travel in a convertible to a stage where he will then be met by Mayor Dave Barrow and the rest of city council. Fans are encouraged to line the route and watch the onstage presentation at the free event.

Toronto-area hockey fans faced another disappointing season this year after the Toronto Maple Leafs were once again shut down by the Boston Bruins in game 7 of an opening-round series. However, the St Louis Blues stands out as the real underdog story this year, going from one of the worst teams in the league to defeating Boston 4-1 during the Stanley Cup Finals. Binnington, a rookie goalie is credited to have played a crucial part in their victory.

Fans are also being encouraged to wear their hockey jerseys to the event to show their support.

Richmond Hill’s official Twitter released a short and adorably awkward video of Binnington to promote the event last week:

Binnington says in the video, “What’s up Richmond Hill? Jordan Binnington here, member of the Stanley Champions, the St Louis Blues and I just want to let you know I’m bringing the cup through Richmond Green next Friday so come by and check it out!”

Binnington is also scheduled to take the Cup to Vaughan's Sports Village for an 11:00 AM engagement. Hockey fans should definitely try to make it out to the event for the chance to see the Cup in person!