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Severe Weather Threatens The Outdoor Viewing Party At Jurassic Park Tonight, MLSE Warns

This might be the only thing that will damper Toronto's spirits.

As Raptors fans get ready for Game 6 of the NBA finals, hope is in the air that the team will be able to take home the championship for the first time in Toronto Raptors history. While fans are already lining up to watch the game at the famous outdoor Jurassic Park, hoping to be able to catch a glimpse at history, it has just been announced that severe weather may put a damper on the party. MLSE has stated that if severe weather rolls into the city tonight, Jurassic Park will be cancelled and there will be no outdoor party at Scotiabank arena.

According to the Weather Network, there is a risk of thunderstorms this afternoon and throughout the night. These thunderstorm risks, which may be accompanied by lightning are expected to plague the city ahead of the 9 PM tip-off. 

Chris Murphy, a meteorologist from the Weather Network even states that Jurassic Park will be shut down if lightning strikes, as he recalls other events in Toronto's public squares that have been canceled due to lightning in the past.

CP24 has also confirmed this by confirming that the MLSE states that severe weather may force staff to cancel the viewing in Jurassic Park for Game 6.  

The decision as to whether or not Jurassic Park will be open for fans to witness what may be the last game of the NBA finals will remain a mystery until a final decision is made at 5 PM.

However, this doesn't mean that fans still won't be able to cheer on the Raptors. If Jurassic Park is shut down due to thunderstorms, fans will be moved into the Scotiabank Arena where they will be able to watch the game and still cheer on their team. 

According to CP24, as of this morning at 10 AM there were already around 150 fans waiting in line in hopes to be the first to be let into Jurassic Park when it officially opens at 7 PM. Sadly, these plans may change and fans will be forced to relocate. 

However, it's not just Toronto that is being hit with these thunderstorms later tonight, other areas of southern Ontario are also expected to catch a glimpse of lighting. 

Due to the weather, fans are encouraged to check in with any of their local Jurassic Parks or other outdoor viewing parties that will be streaming Game 6 tonight to see whether or not it will be cancelled due to the weather.