Canadians don't take hockey lightly, Justin Bieber included. 

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For those of you who may not know, Justin has been playing hockey from a very young age and occasionally joins a beer league pick-up game here and there at the Toyota Sports Center. This is the arena the LA Kings practice at, and Justin can be seen wearing an LA Kings' jersey.


On Dec 12th, the "Sorry" singer was definitely not sorry when he almost got into a fight during one such hockey game. In Justin's defence, it was a pretty dirty play: the other player broke Bieber's stick and didn't show any remorse.


In the video below, you can see Justin,  #23, come in for a shot, a defender comes down hard with his own stick and snaps Justin's in half. Justin then get's right in the defender's face and is pulled away by the ref just before dropping his gloves and getting in a fight.

To watch the ALMOST fight click HERE.

Source: TMZ