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Justin Bieber’s Toronto Home Is A Total Funhouse According To Auston Matthews

It sounds like the circus is always in town at the Bieber residence. It should come as no surprise that Justin Bieber’s Toronto home is an elaborate mansion, but according to Leafs star Auston Matthews, it’s a total "funhouse." In an interview with Barstool's "Spittin’ Chiclets" podcast (SC), the hockey player was dishing all the dirt on the iconic Matthews-Bieber bromance, and we’re here to break it down for you. 

By now, we all know that Bieber and Matthews are big fans of each other, to the point where each man even grew a questionable moustache in apparently unrelated incidents.

The two made waves in the hockey world recently when Bieber joined the Leafs on ice. 

And it wasn’t long after that the pair started hanging out together.

“We’ve actually hung out with him a couple of times, he’s got a house in Toronto so we’ve been over a couple times," Matthews told SC.

"It's like a funhouse, he’s got all kinds of arcade games and stuff.”

OK, but can we visit, though? Because this sounds awesome.

Matthews revealed that on his first trip to the Bieber residence, he was greeted with the star's film crew.

“He’s coming out with a docuseries on YouTube... that first day we went over to his house with Tyson and Mitch he was filming stuff, so we’re going to be in it, which is pretty cool.”

Hey, maybe we’ll get a 'Stache Bros series after all? Here’s hoping.

Also, that's if Matthews doesn't do away with the lip hair. After all, plenty of fans seem to think it's bad luck right now.

Anyway, it seems AM and JB can relate to one another on all kinds of levels, including the difficulty of stardom. 

“You think about this guy, (Bieber) can’t go anywhere without security, without a private room, unless he wants to get mobbed," Matthews reflected.

And, living in a city full of Leafs fans has a similar vibe, the 22-year-old explains.

“Obviously, Toronto, it’s such a big hockey place, when we go walk around or we go to dinner... we get noticed, which is awesome.”

But, while he can kind of relate to his fellow Canadian celebrity, he admits he doesn't feel too bad for Justin.

“I mean I don’t feel bad for him. The guy's an absolute popstar, superstar, celebrity,” Matthews jokes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Matthews would pick a Bieber track for his goal song if given the choice.

“Maybe one of his old-school ones when he was a kid like 'Baby'... something from way back then when he had a high-pitched voice."

After all, what's a bit of playful trolling among Stache Bros?

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