Kawhi Denies Buying A House In Toronto But Raptor Fans Are Still Hopeful He'll Stay

Kawhi has confirmed he has not yet bought property in Toronto.
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Kawhi Denies Buying A House In Toronto But Raptor Fans Are Still Hopeful He'll Stay

It's no surprise that Raptors fans are willing to do anything to make sure Kawhi Leonard stays in Toronto for next season. After the player aided in bringing the Raptors to the NBA finals for the first time in history, he's being compared to some of the greatest basketball players of all time. However, the Raptor player has just added uncertainty to whether on not he'll be staying in Toronto after Kawhi denies buying a house in Toronto. However, despite his denial, fans are still hopeful that he may be staying in the city. 

Since speculation has started to arise that Kawhi would be moving on from Raptors next season and signing with the LA Clippers, Toronto has been doing everything in their power to make sure he stays. Even the Mayor of Toronto John Tory stated that he'd give up his job if it meant that Kawhi would stay with the team. 

Last week, Raptors fans were hopeful that the player may stay after rumors started to spread that Kawhi bought a house in the 6ix. Michael Landsberg started the excitement on TSN 1050 by stating that he had heard from two different sources that the superstar had bought property in the city and was here to stay. 

On Sunday, Kawhi crushed the hopes of many by stating that these rumors were in fact, not true. During an interview when he was asked if he had bought property in the Toronto area, the basketball player responded "No it didn't. It didn't happen yet, no."

While many fans were disappointed in the news, others found his answer uplifting and are stating that there is still hope that Kawhi will make Toronto his home. 

Through Twitter, many Raptors fans have caught on to the fact that Kawhi has said that he hasn't bought a house here 'yet', implying that he may be still thinking about doing so in the future. Raptors fans believe that this still gives hope that he may stay with the Raptors after all. 

While it's not yet confirmed whether or not Kawhi will be buying property in Toronto in the future, his main focus right now is bringing the championship home for the Raptors. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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