Lakers Fans Spewed Insults At Kawhi During A Boxing Match This Weekend (VIDEO)

Kawhi is already getting heckled by Lakers fans.
Toronto Staff Writer
Lakers Fans Spewed Insults At Kawhi During A Boxing Match This Weekend (VIDEO)

When Kawhi left the Raptors, it was obvious that Toronto was disappointed by the news. The city had practically begged him to stay. However, despite the disappointment, there wasn’t any bad blood between the city and the player, who helped Canada's home team win its first-ever championship. Raptors fans were sad that the great Kawhi Leonard decided to leave, but still grateful for all that he'd done.

Los Angeles Lakers fans, on the other hand, seemed to have a lot more resentment towards Kawhi for choosing the Clippers over them. One fan, in particular, was heard heckling the Finals MVP during the Pacquiao-Thurman fight on Saturday night.

In a video of Kawhi leaving the event with his girlfriend, a fan can be heard calling him “the most overrated player in the history of professional sports.”

People on Twitter are having mixed reactions to the fan's comment:

Some even claim that the player could’ve avoided the mistreatment by sticking with Toronto:

Kawhi was also spotted hanging out with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. while wearing his Spurs championship ring at the fight. 

Kawhi famously shot down both the Lakers and the Raptors during his heavily monitored free-agency season. Toronto fans had been hoping that Kawhi would stick with the 6ix. However, it seems like the NBA star had his own agenda.

According to a report by CBC, Toronto offered Kawhi a maximum five-year deal worth around $190 million US. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported after the trade that Kawhi had agreed to a maximum contract with a 4-year deal for $142 million with the Clippers.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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