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Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Bought A Home In Toronto & This Could Mean He’s Sticking With The Raptors

Kawhi Leonard might be staying with the Raptors after all.

Rumours about Kawhi Leonard staying in Toronto with the Raptors have started surfacing on the Internet again. Kawhi Leonard reportedly bought a house in Toronto according to new reports. This could be a sign that he's staying with the Raptors! A Toronto sports radio host opened Pandora’s Box this week after he claimed that Leonard had purchased property in the 6ix.

“We have heard he’s purchased a property in Toronto,” Michael Landsberg stated on TSN 1050. “We’ve heard this now from two different sources, indicating there’s something there.”

The news that Leonard reportedly bought a home in Toronto certainly comes as a curveball since recent speculation believes that the NBA star will sign with the LA Clippers. Kawhi also reportedly purchased a home in San Diego area last year, making it seem logical that the star was planning on moving back to California.

“I just think the guy has been pretty clear. He wants to be back home in California. He has a house there which he has wanted the whole time. He wanted that before anything went south with the Spurs,” stated ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne according to The Spun.

However, there has also been some speculation that Kawhi will be staying with Raptors, at least for a little while longer. According to a report by TrueHoop, sources close to the player and the league confirmed that Kawhi would return to Toronto on a short-term deal.

It’s no secret that Toronto desperately wants Leonard to stick around. Since arriving in the GTA, Kawhi has been offered everything – from millions of dollars in real estate to free Kraft Dinner for life if he chooses to re-sign with the Raptors.

At the moment though, it seems as though everything is still up in the air. With different sources claiming different outcomes, it’s hard to place a bet on where Kawhi will actually end up.

Make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 9 PM ET when the Raptors and Kawhi head into Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, California.