Kawhi Was Honoured In A Piece Of Philadelphia 76ers Art & Raptors Fans Love It (PHOTO)

"Good grief."
Kawhi Leonard Buzzer Beater Is Immortalized Through Art & Raptors Fans Are Here For It

Basketball, meet art. What's a better gift for a Toronto Raptors fan than a piece of art honouring the famous Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater? A Philidelphia 76ers art exhibit showed off a piece referencing the famous shot Kawhi made to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2019.

Every Raptors fan remembers where they were for the moment when Kawhi made the multiple-bouncing, game-winning shot in Game 7 against the Sixers back in May.

But now, this piece of Charlie Brown-inspired art has immortalized the iconic moment even further after being snapped at a 76ers art expo and shared onto the team's subreddit.

"Seek the answer", as it is playfully titled, shows 76ers star Joel Embiid seeking answers at a makeshift therapy booth where former NBA all-star Allen Iverson is ready to help.

Iverson played for the Sixers for 12 seasons and gained the nickname "The Answer" throughout his professional NBA career.

In the art, which we think is pretty fantastic, Embiid doesn't get the answer he's looking for.

The man who tried in vain to stop Kawhi getting his legendary last-second shot off in the ECF Game 7 says in the piece: "I had him covered. He somehow threw the ball up and it bounced in! How do you even defend that?"

It's probably pretty painful for Sixers fans, but not for us.

A photo of the piece from the exhibit was reshared onto the Raptors subreddit for Torontonians to enjoy.

And they were in agreement that the piece is just too good, with many seemingly desperate to add it to their own memorabilia collection. 

Now for a quick check-in with Sixers fans. Although this piece is a painful reminder, many still love the Peanuts-inspired work.

However, plenty seem to be conflicted as to whether or not to love how cute it is or cry at the reference.

from sixers

from sixers

from sixers

from sixers

According to the Reddit thread, the piece is available to purchase through the Sixers app in an auction. It is currently available for $240.

This is definitely a creative piece for any fan, still suffering or still celebrating with their teams.

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