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A Massive Mural Of Kawhi Leonard's Iconic Buzzer Beater Just Went Up In Toronto

The Raptors are heading into game three against the Milwaukee Bucks and after losing the first two games in the series the team could use some encouragement. In Toronto that encouragement has come from art, specifically a massive Kawhi Leonard Buzzer Beater mural that's gone up downtown to pay homage to the team and the star. 

The mural is located on a building at Queen Street West and Duncan Street, slightly northwest of the Raptors home at Scotiabank Arena and right nearby Toronto's first legal cannabis store, The Hunny Pot. The massive two-story mural shows Kawhi Leonard in the moments after he shot the iconic, game-winning buzzer beater in game 7 against the Philidelphia 76ers. That shot won the Raptors the game with a final score of 92 to 90. It also won them the series and got the team into the Eastern Conference finals. 

Now the mural, which was noticed in Toronto today, celebrates that Raptors victory and gives the teams and fans encouragement as they head into game 3 tonight at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena. While they are down two in the series so far, fans are hoping that having home court advantage and the spirit of Jurassic Park fans will help the Raptors pull ahead again. 

This actually isn't the first time a Kawhi Leonard mural has graced the walls of this building. Just earlier this month, that same building put up another massive mural of Kawhi, coming in at 30-feet tall. That original mural was meant to show the city's love for Leonard and encourage him to stay in Toronto. 

That first mural was made of vinyl, so in the most simple terms its like a giant, amazing sticker on the outside of the building. The original mural was done by an artist called Tetra and while it hasn't been confirmed, it's likely that this new mural was done by the same artist and company. 

The Raptors game starts tonight at 7 PM EST at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena. Jurassic Park, a free outdoor area in Maple Leaf Square will also be open tonight for fans to watch the game together. 

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