Raptors Fans Loved Kawhi's Cute On-Court Moment Last Night (VIDEO)

He's still got love for his ex-teammates!
Kawhi Leonard Checked On OG Anunoby's Injury Midgame And Raptors Fans Were Here For It

There's no doubt Toronto Raptors fans still love Kawhi. The NBA Finals MVP and the man who helped deliver a first championship to Canada may have left the 6ix, but the feels are still being felt. And the reunion between the Raptors and Kawhi Leonard was marked by some tender moments, including one shared between him and ex-teammate OG Anunoby.

Kawhi faced his former team on Monday night for the first time since leaving Toronto for Los Angeles in the summer.

The Raptors went down 98-88 in LA against Kawhi's Clippers on November 11, with Kawhi registering 12 points in 35 minutes.

Throughout the game, it was clear that feelings haven't changed too much for Kawhi and the Raps despite the distance now between them. Despite the teams facing off, Kawhi and the Raps were all smiles during the game.

And one moment, in particular, had Raptors fans talking.

Early in the first quarter, Kawhi caught Anunoby in the face during an attempted play and actually ended up hitting him in the eye.

Now, we know Kawhi's referred to as the Klaw, but this is redefining the nickname.

According to Sportsnet, OG will actually need to see an eye specialist ahead of their next game in Portland.

Kawhi's respect and love for his former teammates are still so great that he actually ran back during a play to check up on the injured Anunoby. He may have accidentally caused the injury, but it's clear he was concerned about the effects.

He said after the game he would text Anunoby to check up on his condition.

There was plenty of concern for Anunoby among Raptors fans on social media during and after the game.

But, still, the moment when Kawhi went back to check on his buddy was just too sweet for some.

"I'm trying so hard to be mad and not like him cause he left us, then he pulls this wholesome s***," read one comment. We feel you.

Even before the game started, Kawhi had shared his love for the Toronto team and the 6ix.

It's evident Board Man hasn't quite left us completely in the dust. Regardless of what you think of the challenge that caused the injury, Kawhi's sportsmanship totally shows.

Clearly, he remains a good guy despite his rash decision to swap the early-November snow onslaught of Toronto for the eternal sunshine of Cali. No wonder the Kawhactus was such a popular Halloween costume this year in the 6ix.

The Raptors and their fans only have to wait another month to see Kawhi again. The December 11 date at Scotiabank Arena will be Kawhi's first time back in the city.

Word of warning, KL: it's gonna be cold.

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