The moment we've all been waiting for is about to arrive. According to new insider reports, Kawhi Leonard will likely reveal his final trade decision as early as today or tomorrow. After an agonizing few days, “Kawhi Watch” is finally coming to an end.

“Sometime tomorrow, July 4 or maybe it could even go another day. Kawhi Leonard is taking time here. The decks have been cleared,” Wojnarowski said, according to Dallas Morning News sports reporter Brad Townsend.

So, which teams still stand a chance of getting of the Finals MVP next season? It’s down to the Lakers and the Clippers, who can both offer Kawhi, a southern California native, the chance to play for his home state.

Then, of course, there's Toronto. The Raptors remain the only team that can provide Kawhi with a maximum five-year deal worth around $190 million, which gives them a good chance of winning the baller over. 

According to The Spun, Leonard met with both Los Angeles teams this week. He saved his meeting with the Raptors for last, which seems like a good sign for Toronto as it shows how much Kawhi has come to respect the team in the short time that he has been with the franchise. Reports claim that Kawhi's even got a separate meeting with Drake, who has organized a campaign of his own to get Kawhi to re-sign.

Kawhi has strategically brushed off any and all questions about his plans for the future. Even after the team took the whole world by storm by becoming NBA Champions, the MVP stayed silent.

So, no one really knows what the Board Man has in mind for next season, or what his real priorities are. We can only assume that his historic year in the 6ix has only made his free-agency decision even harder.