More Information About When Kawhi Leonard Will Reportedly Make His Decision Has Finally Been Revealed

#KawhiWatch continues.
More Information About When Kawhi Leonard Will Reportedly Make His Decision Has Finally Been Revealed

Basketball fans have not stopped checking the Internet to see whether Kawhi Leonard has made his decision and announced which NBA team he will be signing with next year. Now, as fans anxiously wait, more information has been revealed about when we can expect Kawhi Leonard's final decision announcement. According to reports, the basketball star will not be revealing anything until this weekend. Until then, we'll keep checking Twitter to see if any new info has dropped. 

Kawhi is currently deciding between three NBA teams - the Raptors, Lakers and Clippers. There have been reports that Kawhi is expected to re-sign with the Raptors, but there was also previous talk that the Lakers were in the lead

According to Cris Carter of FS1, the basketball player on everyone's minds has not yet made a decision on which team he will sign with. So since he has not made up his mind, no decision will be announced today. 

"After looking like we would find out today, we will not. Kawhi is still undecided & is not going to finalize his decision today," wrote Carter in a tweet. "Also, contrary to other reports, Kawhi is NOT interested in signing a 1 or 2 year deal. When he signs, it will be a long term contract."

It looks like we're going to have to wait until some time this weekend to find out. 

Fans were speculating today after the MSLE plane that reportedly brought Kawhi to Toronto was seen flying to San Diego and leaving again to return back to Toronto in the matter of hours. 

Many reports about Kawhi has surfaced this week. Out of all the teams, Kawhi reportedly trusts the Toronto Raptors – an advantage they can use towards re-signing the star. On top of this, Kawhi reportedly had a strong meeting with the Toronto Raptors during his free agency.

People are trying all types of things to attract Kawhi to their team. On Thursday, Snoop Dogg actually posted a song on Instagram telling Kawhi to join the LA Lakers. Of course, Raptors superfan Drake isn't giving up either – he is allegedly helping the Raptors in their efforts to re-sign the basketball star. 

For now, it looks like Kawhi Watch will continue on into the weekend. Here's hoping he gives us some relief from our anticipation soon.