Toronto Is Convinced That Free Food Forever Will Make Kawhi Put A Ring On It

Toronto is desperate to keep Kawhi Leonard in Toronto.
Toronto Is Convinced That Free Food Forever Will Make Kawhi Put A Ring On It

Nothing sweetens a deal quite like free food. Even professional athletes aren't invulnerable to the tantalizing allure of freebies, which is what Toronto restaurants are hoping to capitalize on by offering Kawhi Leonard free food for life. That is, if he decides to commit to the Raptors for real.

Kawhi Leonard gave Raptors fans new hope on Sunday night, when his epic buzzer beater winning shot propelled Toronto into the Eastern Conference Final against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Considering the fact that Kawhi is basically the Toronto Raptors' messiah, it comes as little surprise that fans around the city are trying to do whatever they can to keep him in town once the season finishes.

The Raptors Republic, an international Toronto Raptors fan association, has recently introduced the Ka'wine & Dine Initiative. The initiative enables restaurants around the city to print a badge that will be displayed in their window, indicating that Kawhi can eat free food for life in that establishment if he decides to re-sign with Toronto.

Adam Robles, Marketing and Social Media Head at Raptors Republic, explained to reporters, "We want to rally the city to do everything we can to let Kawhi know that we support him, want him here long-term and ultimately make him feel at home in Toronto.  He may need a warm coat, but he won't need his wallet. Let's wine'm, dine'm, and let's re-sign'm."

Among the local restaurants that have joined the Ka'Wine & Dine Initiative are Bar Hop BarLe Sélect BistroMoo Frites, and Rodney's Oyster House.

"With a once-in-a-generation type of superstar hanging in the balance, everyone in the city of Toronto needs to do everything in their power to ensure a long-term commitment out of Leonard. If it takes promising free food to get him to stay, then so be it" says Jose Martinez of Complex.

Will the prospect of a lifetime of free food provide Kawhi Leonard with enough incentive to remain north of the border? Only time will tell.

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