Sports Expert Confirms He's 99% Sure Kawhi Leonard Will Re-Sign With Toronto Raptors For 2 Years (VIDEO)

Yes please!!!
Sports Expert Confirms He's 99% Sure Kawhi Leonard Will Re-Sign With Toronto Raptors For 2 Years (VIDEO)

All of Toronto and the sports world has been on edge waiting for Kawhi to announce which team he will be re-signing with. For months, fans have speculated whether he will stay in Toronto or leave to go back to his home state of California. Kawhi could drop the news at any time, but while we're all waiting, people have not stopped speculating. Now, another sports analyst is chiming in, and if what he's saying is true, we could not be happier. Kawhi Leonard is expected to re-sign with the Toronto Raptors, according to Jalen Rose, who is a former Raptors player and ESPN commentator. 

This Wednesday afternoon, he spoke up on the topic that's on everyone's mind – will Kawhi re-sign with the Raptors? Well Torontonians, you're going to love what he has to say. Here's hoping it actually happens!

Speaking on ESPN's Get Up, Rose had some good news to deliver to Raptors fans. "Kawhi Leonard is in Toronto," he said. “What I’m 99 per cent hearing is that Kawhi Leonard will be returning to Toronto and signing a two-year contract". 

“He’s just completing his eighth season and that’ll put him at 10 years and will put him in position to get the largest available maximum deal for a player of his tenure,” Rose added.

You can watch the video of Rose's interview below! 

Previously, there were reports that said Kawhi was likely to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, other reports have stated that the basketball star has not yet made up his mind between the Lakers, Raptors and Clippers, and that no team was in the lead to land him. 

Toronto has been pulling out all the stops to convince Kawhi to re-sign with the Raptors. Even resident celebrity superfan Drake is said on Tuesday to have launched his own recruiting campaign. From free penthouses to free food for life, everything and more has been throw at Kawhi to convince him not to leave Toronto. 

#KawhiWatch has been absolutely blowing up on Twitter as well and it's safe to say that fans have been constantly checking the Internet to see whether he's made a decision. As of now, no one is certain when exactly he will reveal the big news

Toronto is definitely not ready to let go of the "board guy" just yet. The entire city is hoping that Kawhi re-signs with the Raptors and brings his "fun guy" personality back to Toronto next season.