Everybody has phrases and words that they use daily, but how many of us have honestly considered trademarking our catchphrases? Well, if you’re Kawhi Leonard, you might have to. According to Josh Gerben, the founder of Gerben Law Firm, which specializes in trademarks, Leonard has filed to trademark the phrases “what it do baby” and “city views over interviews." The applications, which were submitted on October 23rd, indicate that Kawhi intends to use his catchphrases to promote a future clothing brand.

The phrase “what it do baby” first became a meme after the Raptors won their first-ever NBA title. A video of Serge Ibaka and Kawhi riding in the back of the car went viral after the player uttered the now-famous saying.

The line has since gone on to become a trademark saying of Leonard, even being used in a recent commercial to promote Terminator: Dark Fate. However, the phrase “city views over interviews” is a little more mysterious as there doesn’t appear to be any record of Leonard saying it before news first broke about him filing for trademark status.

Basketball fans were torn over the news, with many questioning why Kawhi would bother trademarking the phrase. 

One user even stating, "People been saying that for decades."

While others felt it was only fair that he give some royalties to Ibaka, who helped create the phrase. One user even stating, "Half the profits should go to Serge Ibaka." 

While another user states, "Still getting money off that raptors."

Kawhi may be attempting to trademark the saying to avoid another Nike fiasco.

The player filed a lawsuit against Nike back in June after legal issues arose over his “Klaw” logo. Kawhi’s Nike lawsuit was filed after the player accused the company of trying to ban him from using a logo that he designed.

Nike later filed a countersuit against Kawhi. The logo was created for and used by Leonard during his endorsement of the Jordan brand before he switched over to New Balance.

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