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Toronto Mayor John Tory Responds To Kawhi Leonard News In This Heartfelt Video

Even the mayor is saying "Thank you Kawhi."

As Toronto Raptors fans wake up Saturday to the news that the 2019 MVP is leaving our city, one fan, in particular, has a special message for Kawhi Leonard. John Tory, the mayor of Toronto and mega-Raptors fan, took to social media this morning to respond to the heartbreaking news and offer his gratitude towards Kawhi. 

In posts on both Twitter and Instagram, John Tory says, "Our [Kawhi Watch] has ended. [Thank You Kawhi] for the NBA championship that you helped to bring to Toronto with your [Raptors] teammates." 

Along with that message the mayor also posted a video, with a message for fans and for Kawhi Leonard. In it, he's wearing a classic, red We The North shirt and while his iconic Raptors logo jacket is nowhere to be seen, he does make mention of it in the video, joking that maybe it drove Kawhi away. 

While Tory is obviously a little disappointed by the news, he uses the video as an opportunity to thank Kawhi for bringing a championship to the city. He then goes on to warn Kawhi that when he comes back to play against Toronto, we will still love him but we'll show no mercy. He finished by wish the MVP good luck, but not too much of it as he heads off to the Clippers. 

Throughout the past NBA season and finals run, Mayor John Tory has been very involved in the Raptors. Most nights he was out at Jurassic Park cheering with fans and was always encouraging the people of Toronto to show all their love and support for the team. 

Even in the fight to get Kawhi to stay with Toronto, Mayor Tory was at the front lines, stating he would give up his job if it meant Kawhi could stay, giving the Raptors a key to the city, and joining forces with Superfan Nav Bhatia to create a petition for Kawhi to stay. 

In just over an hour since Mayor Tory's video was first posted, it has already been viewed more than 20,000 times as fans join Tory in saying "Thank you Kawhi." 

Kawhi Leonard, who was a free agent, has reportedly signed a 4 year deal with the LA Clippers for $142 million.