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Kawhi Kept Everyone In The Dark About His Plans During Free Agency, Danny Green Reveals

"I checked in with him all the time. He gave me no updates."

Nothing ever really lasts forever. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green spent eight seasons as teammates and accomplished a lot together over the years. However, that didn’t stop Leonard from putting Green in an incredibly tough position during free agency season. According to Green, Leonard refused to disclose his plans and kept Green in the dark for a critical amount of time. 

According to a report by TSN, the former Raptor had no idea that the Board Man was even planning on teaming up with Clippers. The LA team succeeded in nabbing the player by acquiring Paul George and offering the NBA star a chance to play in his home state.

It’s little disheartening to hear that Leonard wouldn’t confide in Green, considering his longtime teammates' future hung in the balance.

"Nobody knew about it. I had no idea. I checked in with him all the time. He gave me no updates. I had no idea where he was going,” Green said, according to TSN.

Green continued to say that he didn’t think he and Kawhi would be teaming up on the Los Angeles Lakers, who Green quickly signed with after Leonard finally announced his decision.

"I think all of it was a shock to me," Green said during a conference call this Thursday, according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin. "Except not as much of a shock Kawhi going to LA. The Clippers, anyway. I didn't see him coming to this route to the Lakers."

"I feel like he wanted to go his own route. I think it was between them and going back to Toronto. I think the year that he had and what those fans brought this season and everything, it was hard for him to turn it down and leave Toronto. But I knew he wanted to be closer to home", Green said.

Green ultimately signed a two-year $30 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. He is expected to start as a shooting guard this upcoming season.