It’s been a difficult morning for Toronto Raptors fans. As basketball fans across the country wake up to the news that, not only has Kawhi Leonard left Toronto to sign with Los Angeles Clippers, but Danny Green has also left to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Therefore, as of very early this morning, the Toronto Raptors team is looking a little more...vacant. That means its also sad news for the Kawhi Leonard-Kyle Lowry bromance. 

It was announced at approximately 2 AM on Friday night that both Kawhi and Danny would be leaving the Raptors to embark on a new adventure in Los Angeles, at two different teams. While Raptors-Twitter did have a minor meltdown upon hearing the news, fans were keen to send the boys away with only love and well-wishes. 

With both Leonard and Green saying goodbye to Toronto, it didn’t take long for Raptors fans to start worrying about how poor Kyle Lowry was going to feel, showing up to work on Monday morning without his esteemed colleagues, and best friends, to play with.

While Kyle Lowry may not be considered as one of the NBA greats, there is no doubt he has won over the hearts and minds of Torontonians over the years. As a Raptors legend, Lowry has won a cabinet full of awards, had All-Star Game appearances, a spot on the All-NBA third team and an NBA championship under his belt. Whichever way you look at it, Lowry has given Toronto a lot of reasons to be proud.

As Leonard and Green took a step back from the Raptors this morning, fans in Canada were reminded of who had been there all along...the man himself, Kyle Lowry. One fan took to Twitter to say, “Plot twist: Kyle Lowry is the real king of the North."

Another added, “So, Kawhi made his choice! Congrats to him! Now, I'm waiting for the rest of Toronto & RaptorsNation to suddenly remember that Lowry is the real MVP with his diehard raptors commitment!"

One Twitter user was quick to point out that this is the second season in a row that Lowry will lose one of his best friends to the free agency, tweeting, “Lowry’s best friend has left in back to back seasons.” In agreement, several fans took to Twitter to share some pretty funny memes, showing what it might be like when Lowry shows up to train on Monday without his buddies.

In an effort to cheer Kyle Lowry up, Toronto fans didn't shy away from letting him know how much he meant to them. One fan tweeted, "Lowry loyal call that LOWALTY."

All eyes may have been on Kawhi and Danny for the past few weeks, but don't worry, Lowry, the fans never forgot about you. Not even for a minute!