12 Kawhi Leonard Laugh Memes To Remind You Of What A 'Fun Guy' He Is

Let Kawhi's awkward chuckle take you away.
12 Kawhi Leonard Laugh Memes To Remind You Of What A 'Fun Guy' He Is

Kawhi Leonard has been nothing but a beast since the moment he stepped onto the court with the Raptors. Kawhi has stolen the show on many occasions during the season and in the playoffs. His stats speak for themselves, and that unforgettable buzzer-beater during Game 7 against the Sixers will forever be legendary. But, his talent isn't the only thing that people love about the player. Kawhi Leonard laugh memes are also a favourite source of entertainment for Raptors fans, ever since a video of the player's unusual laugh went viral.

Kawhi Leonard’s goofy laugh was all over the internet last September after the player let out his hilariously awkward chuckle during his introductory news conference in Toronto. Kawhi’s laugh instantly became a viral sensation and fans were quick to put together countless remixes and compilations of the player's giggles.

Here is the original unedited laugh in all of its glory:

This one will appeal to history buffs as it shows the evolution of Kawhi’s oddball laugh. Somehow, his 2011 chuckle is even more awkward than the 2018 version:

And then came the remixes:

And the edits:

And some pretty hilarious captions:

Four months later, the Bucks played Leonard’s laugh over the loudspeaker after the Raptors turned the ball over. Now that is how you throw shade!

Just a month after the video went viral, Kawhi felt the need to address it. During an October interview, Leonard claimed that he hadn’t been paying much attention to the memes, explaining that it “comes with the territory” of being a high-calibre player. In Kawhi's case, calling him a high-calibre player might even be putting it lightly.

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