Kawhi Leonard might as well be king of Toronto right now. The NBA star can’t go anywhere in the city without being noticed and Kawhi's appearance at the Blue Jays Game on Thursday night proves it. The Finals MVP snuck into the stadium about an hour into the Blue Jays game against the Los Angeles Angels, clearly trying his best to go unknown unnoticed and failing in the most heartwarming way.

Fans quickly caught onto Kawhi’s presence and began chanting “MVP” as the player quietly took his seat behind home plate. The crowd then rose to their feet and gave the All-star a standing ovation which had Leonard smiling and holding up one finger. It didn’t take long for Raptors fans to launch into their theories about what that finger could mean with most thinking that it hinted Kawhi was planning to stay in Toronto for one more year.

Others pointed to the fact that Kawhi had chosen to wear a Blue Jays hat to the game, except it wasn’t a Blue Jays hat…but it was blue! So, at least he is trying to represent the team a little bit. Nevertheless, fans were convinced that the Raptors appearance was proof enough that he was planning on staying in Toronto.

Also, Kawhi appeared at one point to be shooting the breeze with the Blue Jays batboy, which is adorable:

Kawhi maintained a pretty low-key attitude during the game, hardly reacting when the stadium full of fans gave him a standing O. However, he was caught filming the game on his phone, which once again had fans floating theories:

I mean was he filming to watch in L.A later or studying up on his baseball so that he can more thoroughly Blue Jays games in the future? Who knows! But fans seemed pretty convinced that “he stay.”

Toronto will be on pins and needles until June 30th when Kawhi can free himself from his existing contract and link up with the Raptors or pursue another destination. The Los Angeles Clippers are also considered a real contender for the player’s heart since he is a San Diego native and might be looking to make his way back home.