Kawhi Leonard Just Made A Hilarious Comment About His Photo With Drake (VIDEO)

The internet has once again fallen in love with Kawhi.
Kawhi Leonard Just Made A Hilarious Comment About His Photo With Drake (VIDEO)

It's no secret at this point that the Raptors want to hold onto Kawhi Leonard for as long as possible. The player has more than proven himself to be a worthy asset to the team, especially after his outstanding performance during the team's playoff series win against Orlando. Which has motivated one of Kawhi Leonard's teammates into doing all that he can to make him feel less like an outsider more like one of the boys.

Raptors star center Serge Ibaka hosts a hilarious YouTube series called How Hungry Are You? In the series, Ibaka interviews his fellow Raptors before making them taste test an exotic dish of his creation.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of demand for Leonard to appear on the series. He finally appeared as a guest on the season finale episode and it did not disappoint:

In the episode, Leonard finally opens up about his personal life, his celebrity crushes and his thoughts on Toronto. He also explained that smouldering look he gave in his famous photograph with Drake. Here's the photo in question:

Ibaka kicks off the segment by teasing Leonard about his "angry" face in the photo, which Leonard claimed is his "model face". The comment got a laugh from Ibaka. Leonard later added that he had learned the face from Ibaka himself, an unexpectedly touching moment that really shows how close the players have become.

Fans, of course, flooded the comments section of the video. The majority of the comments praised Kawhi Leonard his for fun and down to earth attitude. They also gave his "model face" their seal of approval. 

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Another thing that stands out about the comments section is the miraculous absence of trolls and negativity. Which really goes to show you how much people love Kawhi Leonard. Fingers crossed he stays in Canada forever and ever.

Patrick John Gilson
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