MLSE Plane Kawhi Leonard Flew In Left For San Diego & Came Right Back To Toronto Today (PHOTOS)

Fans are speculating on what it could mean.
MLSE Plane Kawhi Leonard Flew In Left For San Diego & Came Right Back To Toronto Today (PHOTOS)

Everyone is anxiously awaiting Kawhi to reveal which team he will be signing with next NBA season. People have not stopped watching his every move and speculating on what it could mean. Now, another thing happened today that has everyone talking. The MLSE Plane Kawhi Leonard flew in left for L.A. but it returned to Toronto the same day. 

The operators of the Toronto Raptors own the MLSE plane, according to CBC News. It arrived in Toronto on Wednesday and people were convinced that Kawhi was one of the people onboard. This, of course, led to news helicopters following the car that reportedly held Kawhi

Now, the very same plane was seen leaving Toronto Pearson Airport today on Friday and arriving in San Diego. However, it didn't stay in California for long – just hours later, the plane was seen heading back to Toronto again. 

Tom Podolec Aviation, a journalist at CTV News Toronto according to his bio, shared the photos on Twitter. "Short visit... and they’re airborne again heading back to Toronto," he wrote in a tweet. However, he could not confirm if Kawhi was on board. "No confirmation who is on board or if it’s related to  ," he wrote in another tweet. 

Unsurprisingly, this has led to so many questions from the Internet. Everyone is trying to piece together what this could mean for #KawhiWatch. 

Several people are speculating that it was to pick up and not to drop off someone, meaning Kawhi could still be in Toronto – which may be good news for Raptors fans as he is expected to make his announcement today. 

There have been all types of rumours and reports circulating Kawhi. On Thursday, it was said that Kawhi reportedly trusts the Raptors the most. Jalen Rose also said he believes Kawhi will sign a two-year contract with the Toronto team. Kawhi did reportedly have a strong meeting with the Raptors this week.

Both L.A. and Toronto have been rallying hard to convince Kawhi to sign with their teams – including celebrities. Snoop Dogg even wrote a song asking Kawhi to join the Lakers and Drake is reportedly helping the Raptors recruit the basketball star. 

Kawhi is expected to make the big reveal today, but then again, you never know for certain with this elusive basketball star. Toronto is holding their breath hoping the MVP doesn't leave the 6ix.