Kawhi Leonard Will Get Free KD For Life If He Signs With The Toronto Raptors

They're the latest to join the Ka'wine & Dine movement.
Kawhi Leonard Will Get Free KD For Life If He Signs With The Toronto Raptors

Kraft Dinner, or more simply KD, is a Canadian classic and a staple food for starving students across the country. KD is more than just mac and cheese, it truly has a place in all of our hearts and it could soon have a place in Kawhi Leonard's stomach. That's right, Kawhi Leonard was offered free Kraft Dinner for life, but only if he signs in Toronto. 

The offer came from KD themselves, as they became the latest company to join the Ka'wine and Dine movement. For those who don't know, the movement involves restaurants around the city of Toronto making policies that Kawhi Leonard can eat for free there. Now KD is doing the same by offering a lifetime supply of their delicious mac and cheese to the superstar. 

It's not that Kawhi needs free food, I mean the guy is making almost $20 million a year, but the gesture is to show Kawhi how much Toronto loves him and motivate him to sign with the Raptors for another year since his current contract will be up at the end of June.

Now that Kawhi has led the team to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history, even more companies are offering up extra incentives to keep him here in Toronto. KD is the latest with a Facebook post saying: "He signs. He dines. KD is IN to join the amazing @raptorsrepublic Ka'Wine & Dine. We're offering Kawhi free KD for life if he stays with Toronto."

Food is not the only thing being offered to the superstar. Narcity reported last week that if Kawhi chooses to stay in Toronto he will also receive a multi-million dollar penthouse condo completely for free. Which means not only will he have a lifetime of KD to enjoy, but a gorgeous kitchen to enjoy it in. 

Despite the endless talk from Raptors fans, Kawhi Leonard has been very tight-lipped about his future in Toronto. He never mentions anything about the future at all, in fact, one of his signature phrases is "enjoy the moment." So, for now, the fans, and KD will have to just wait and see.