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Kawhi Leonard Was Spotted Eating At A Toronto Cactus Club & Wearing An OVO Championship Hat (PHOTOS)

Toronto loves Kawhi, and it's starting to look like Kawhi might love Toronto too. The Raptors star has been spotted out and about in Ontario. One of the latest sightings? Kawhi Leonard was seen at Cactus Club Cafe in Toronto wearing an OVO championship hat. Who knew Kawhi was a fan of Cactus? Celebs, they're just like us! 

According to a Reddit post uploaded on Wednesday, Kawhi Leonard was spotted dining at Cactus Club in Toronto on Tuesday night. He was with a group of people, which included Cory Joseph, who is a point guard for the Indiana Pacers. 

It's pretty hilarious that Kawhi was eating at Cactus, considering how that viral Plant Guy recently tried to give him a "Kawhactus" in an attempt to convince him to stay in Toronto.

This isn't the first public sighting of Kawhi since the Raptors won the NBA Finals. Leonard and his family went to Niagara Falls on Tuesday and unsurprisingly, were swarmed by hundreds of fans.

Of course, Kawhi was also celebrating with the rest of the team during the Raptors victory parade on Monday. He even gave a speech and ended it with the iconic laugh that has made him even more famous and lovable.   

Check out the above photos of Kawhi at Cactus in Toronto! 

Another Twitter user also said she saw him at the popular Canadian restaurant chain on Tuesday night. 

Unsurprisingly, many people have thoughts about what this could mean for Kawhi's future. 

Of course, a joke had to be made about Cactus Club and the Plant Guy's "Kawhactus" gift. 

The question on all of our minds right now is whether Kawhi will stay in Toronto next season, and Leonard hasn't given any definitive answers as of yet. According to an ESPN Senior Insider, the basketball star is likely to sign with the Raptors or the Clippers.

Here's hoping it's the former! 

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