Kawhi Leonard will forever be a legend in Toronto. The NBA powerhouse led the Raptors through an incredible season. Now, Kawhi Leonard is enjoying the praise of millions of fans from today's victory parade, sporting a New Balance t-shirt with his college catchphrase, “Board Man Gets Paid” on it. New Balance promised fans that a video message from the "Fun Guy" himself would be AirDropped to their phones at today's parade and we finally know what it said.

Fans were quick to guess that the video would be Kawhi's way of telling Toronto that he's staying. But, in fact, it was just a heartfelt thank you.

“Kawhi Leonard here y’all. Thank you, Toronto and the whole country. We are world champions. New Balance, we got now, let’s get it,” Leonard says in the video.

Leonard thanked the city once again during the parade. During an interview with the NBA, Kawhi said that he knew that the Raptors had what it took to win the championship since his first days in the team’s training camp.

Leonard has stayed pretty tight-lipped about whether or not he plans to re-sign with Toronto next season. At the moment, though, it looks like Leonard is really enjoying the city: