REPORT: Toronto Raptors Have This Major Advantage In Re-Signing Kawhi Leonard (VIDEO)

He Stay?
REPORT: Toronto Raptors Have This Major Advantage In Re-Signing Kawhi Leonard (VIDEO)

#KawhiWatch has been blowing up on Twitter as the entire sports world anxiously awaits the decision of Kawhi Leonard and which team he will sign or re-sign with next season. Torontonians have been hopeful that Kawhi will stay, after some reports have indicated that the odds are leaning towards the Raptors' favour. Now, fans have another reason to be excited – Kawhi Leonard trusts the Toronto Raptors more than the Lakers & Clippers, according to a new report. 

Former Raptors player and ESPN commentator Jalen Rose gave all fans hope when he said on Wednesday, “What I’m 99 per cent hearing is that Kawhi Leonard will be returning to Toronto and signing a two-year contract".

Cris Carter gave fans another reason to believe Kawhi will stay in Toronto today. On Thursday morning, he said on on First Things First for FS1 that trust is a major factor for Kawhi in choosing which team to sign with – and Toronto has the advantage over all the other NBA franchises. 

“Kawhi makes a lot of decisions based on trust ... Toronto has that over everyone,” Carter said. “The doctors, the coaching staff, the city, he’s comfortable."

He added, “Kawhi trusts his career with the Toronto Raptors and the Lakers and Clippers are going to have to convince him and take some of that trust for him to decide to play basketball with them moving forward.”

Watch the video of Cris Carter speaking on Kawhi below. 

Kawhi also reportedly had a strong meeting with the Raptors on Wednesday. Drake has even been said to be helping the Toronto team recruit Kawhi for another season

However, fans shouldn't start celebrating just yet. Chris Carter said that despite this, Kawhi has yet to make a decision and "no team had an edge". He expects that the big reveal will be on Friday. 

The fate of the NBA pretty much rests in Kawhi's hands right now. As the star player and MVP of the past season, the team that signs him will have a major advantage. 

The "fun guy" has yet to make a decision, and everyone is on edge waiting for his announcement. 'Happy 4th of Kawhi' has even started trending on Twitter