Talk about drama off the court. A new report released on January 15 claims Kawhi Leonard used Drake's house during his summer free agency negotiations to lure Paul George to join him at the L.A. Clippers. Drizzy was apparently nowhere to be seen during the meetings, and many Toronto Raptors fans are criticizing Kawhi for what they think are pretty "shady" actions after he took up the rapper's offer.

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne spoke with George in an extensive interview where he spilled the news.

George revealed he called Kawhi to congratulate him on his NBA win with the Raptors, and that's where it all started.

Numerous messages and calls were sent between the two players as the Finals MVP planned his next move.

What seems to really rankle with Raps fans, though, is that the Klaw used Drake's L.A. home to conduct these negotiations.

The OVO mogul let the Boardman stay at his house for free-agent meetings, reports Shelburne. The two had reportedly become friends during the latter's historic season in Toronto. 

Leonard and George allegedly met again at Drake's home after the former had returned from a meeting in Toronto.

The Boardman ultimately ended up signing for the Clippers in July 2019 on the condition that the team also traded for George, which they did.

Drizzy getting pally with a Raptor is nothing new, of course.

But while some people online expressed anger at the team's ambassador allowing Kawhi to plot his exit under his nose, others were actually pretty furious with the player himself.  

For starters, for someone who advocates so much for the Toronto Raptors, fans find it hard to believe that Drake knew about these plans when he allowed the Cali native to shack up in his L.A. home.

Instead, many supporters have turned their anger onto Kawhi, the man who some say allowed the team to bridge the gap from postseason contenders to first-time champions.

"The more I think about it, the more it seems like Drake got played by Kawhi. That’s literally what you get from the article. I don’t know how you would think Drake was plotting to get Kawhi and PG to the clippers," says one tweet in response to the news.

"@Drake Drake… coming from a fellow die-hard Raptors fan, please take that Kawhi Leonard Jersey off your wall in your home and replace it with @Klow7," wrote one incensed fan.

"What Leonard did in your own home is disgusting! Complete loss of respect for @kawhileonard."

Although Kawhi might have had his reasons for choosing the Clippers, it seems fans are not at all happy with how he "used" Drake.

Shelburne clarified that her understanding is that Drake just let him stay at his place much like an Airbnb, and didn't have any idea who the Boardman was meeting with.

Although the majority of Toronto knew their hero was always unlikely to stay, for many fans it seems this still hurts.

Between this report and suggestions of the outrageous demands that Kawhi's camp might have made to the Raptors, the perception of Leonard looks like it might be shifting for some in the 6ix.

The tea is real, and it is spilling.