If his season in the 6ix was dramatic, so was his exit. Kawhi's Toronto Raptors departure will live long in the memory for many reasons and more reported details that came to light on December 23 won't put an end to that anytime soon. Kawhi Leonard's uncle allegedly asked his nephew's suitors in free agency for some pretty outrageous and even illegal stuff.

According to a report released Monday, December 23, by The Athletic's Sam Amick, the NBA was apparently informed of the demands made by Kawhi's uncle, Dennis Robertson.

The league allegedly caught wind of Robertson asking for perks including part-ownership of the team, a private plane to be freely available, a house, and guaranteed dollar for off-court endorsements. He made those demands to officials from teams Kawhi was considering as his next destination. 

Amick's report asserts that Leonard's camp made similar demands of the Raptors in a bid to get the NBA Finals MVP paid.

CBS Sports reports these particular requests were made to the Los Angeles Lakers, who denied them. TheScore adds that "Uncle Dennis" asked the Lakers on three separate occasions to fulfil these wishes.

None of those four items is included in the NBA's strict rulebook regarding player remuneration and as such would seemingly violate the collective bargaining agreement which is in place.

As far back as July, it was reported Kawhi's camp had made "unreasonable" requests of the Raptors. So much so, allegedly, that Raps chief Masai Ujiri was seriously unimpressed and accused the star of using his team for leverage.

The Athletic report notes that the Raptors didn't really believe that Kawhi would even consider going to play for the Lakers.

According to CBS, the NBA launched an investigation into those earlier whispers and found no violations. However, Monday's reports stress the association is ready to reopen the investigation if more info arises.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told The Athletic that the league is investigating some "activities" from the free-agency period.

At this time, it should be stressed, no evidence has been found to conclude that the Los Angeles Clippers, the team which ultimately enticed Kawhi, granted any of the extravagant requests.

The brazen nature of Uncle Dennis has certainly got social media talking, though.

According to Bleacher Report, the requests made by The Boardman's uncle reportedly created some resentment over how the whole thing was handled by Kawhi's people.

The Raptors did all they could but it wasn't enough to keep him in the face of what was being asked.

Whether or not the attempted dealings affected the former Raptor's decision to stay in Toronto, we'll never know.

Still, the Raptors have been doing alright without him. And Sunday night's record-breaking comeback left little room to think of anything else.

At least, even if Kawhi never got his plane, his house, his part-ownership, he'll always have his championship ring.

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