The whole city turned up for the Toronto Raptors when the team was fighting for their first-ever NBA Championship title. It was heartwarming to see fans come together to support the team, but what really put the icing on the cake was the love they got from other Toronto teams. The Maple Leafs and the Blue Jays came out to support the boys as they made history, and their bromance is undeniable. And as we can see from Kawhi's Blue Jays vacation attire this week, the love goes both ways.

Kawhi Leonard was photographed enjoying his Barbados getaway with his long-time girlfriend Kishele Shipley this week. The NBA Finals MVP looked like he was having the time of his life, all while rocking his Jays gear.

And Kawhi's support didn’t go unnoticed. Marcus Stroman, the Blue Jays pitcher, gave Kawhi a shout out for representing the team while on vacation. Kawhi got tons of attention at last week's Jays game, which he attended with Shipley:

Back in May, the Jays sported Raptors gear to support the team ahead of their Game 1 face off against the Warriors in the NBA Finals:

The Toronto Maple Leafs also showed up to the Finals home games in their Raptors gear. Auston Matthews told reporters that the Raptors' championship win made the Leafs feel motivated, if not a little bit jealous, going into next season.

“I don’t like to use ‘jealous,’ but it serves as motivation,” Matthews said, according to The Hockey News. “I was pumped to see that, to see the city and how crazy it was. The excitement, the parade, the streets after the night they won, it was just madness. It gives us motivation, because you saw that sea of red, and you picture it as a sea of blue and white. It serves as a big motivation for us as players to accomplish that goal. It’s an amazing city, an amazing sports city, and hockey is at the top of that list.”

It seemed as though the Leafs were simply returning the favour, since Raptors star Danny Green rocked a Leafs jersey during a speaking event back in April.

The teams almost seemed to be stuck in a positive feedback loop with each other. I mean, don’t even get us started on the bromance between Stroman and Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet.

VanVleet famously repped the pitcher's clothing line Heart Doesn't Measure Heart Apparel as he headed into Oracle Arena for Game 6, and we all know what happened next.

It’s beautiful to see Toronto's teams come together to support one another. It's enough to make anyone in this city proud to be a Toronto fan.