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Raptors Fans Send Apology Flowers & Letters To The Warriors For Cheering About Durant's Injury (PHOTOS)

An anonymous Raptors fan sent a floral arrangement with a handwritten apology to the Warriors' offices.
Raptors Fans Send Apology Flowers & Letters To The Warriors For Cheering About Durant's Injury (PHOTOS)

Raptors fans have been getting a lot of heat for those Kevin Durant injury cheers during the second quarter of the game on Monday night. According to NBC Sports, one person has issued an apology on behalf of all Canadians after fans appeared to celebrate Durant hitting the ground, clutching his lower right leg. The fan sent the Golden State Warriors flowers, accompanied by a hand-written note that condemned the crowd's behaviour.

The Golden State Warriors player made his return to the playoffs for Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors, but re-injured his leg (reports speculate a ruptured Achilles tendon) and was walked off the court at Scotiabank Arena.

The Raptors' fan base has since been publicly criticized by sports fans around the world. Up until that point, Canadian basketball fans had basked in the relatively immaculate reputation of being "polite" and "respectful".

After Monday night's game, however, the world's perception of Toronto fans took a turn for the worst. Even DeMarcus Cousins commented that the crowd's actions were "Trash. So trash."

Raptors fans have been expressing their apologies to Durant and the Golden State Warriors on social media. But one anonymous Raptors fan took it to the next level by sending a floral arrangement tied with a ribbon that read "Canada is sorry KD" across it.

The flowers were sent to the Warriors' offices to apologize "on behalf of Canada", ensuring that the crowd's cheering didn't taint the Warriors' impression of Canada as a whole.

Social media users have been applauding the fan's gesture, calling the sentiment "classy" and criticizing the Raptors for not making an official apology to the opposing team.

The public acclaim has triggered a domino effect of other Canadian apologies sent to the Warriors on behalf of the entire country.

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