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Warriors Players Slam Canada’s “Classless” And “Trashy” Reaction To Kevin Durant’s Injury

Last night was a tough night to be a Raptors fan. Everyone in the country sat on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Toronto would make history, but in the end, it was Canada's “ugliness” during the Kevin Durant injury that became the most memorable moment of the night. The Golden State Warriors star went down to the sound of Raptors fans cheering and mockingly chanting "KD" as he was helped off the court, a moment that not even Raptors fans are proud of.

Kyle Lowry, Danny Green and Segre Ibaka, all did their best to stop their fans from cheering as Durant hit the ground, but it was too late. The Warriors heard the response to their teammate's injury loud and clear, and they were shocked.

“That’s crazy. That’s crazy,” The Warriors Draymond Green said according to CityNews. “Come on … that’s classless. For me, I’ve always witnessed Canadians being the nicest people that I’ve ever encountered. “That was classless.”

According to USA Today, Durant’s replacement, DeMarcus Cousins, was equally as harsh on Raptors fan for cheering for his teammate's demise: “Trash. So trashy,” stated Cousins, who suffered a similar injury to Durant’s last season. “We only idolize superstar athletes, not human beings. It’s always about what we can do between those lines. “That’s it. That’s all that ever matters.”

Warriors star player Steph Curry was also shaken by the reaction, claiming that it was a surprising response from the city of Toronto, a city that the Curry family knows well.

“Very confused around that reaction. It’s not my experience with the people of this city,” said Curry, who lived in Toronto when his father played for the Raptors from 1999 to 2002. “You understand this is about an individual, a human being and not, ‘Oh, shoot he’s out, he’s hurt, we won the championship.’ That was probably their initial thought, and you hate to see that when a guy’s going through pain like that. “I just hope that ugliness doesn’t show itself again as we go forward in this series.”

Warrior fans were equally as put off by the unexpected behavior by Raptors fans:

Durant sunk 11 points in under 12 minutes, even hitting multiple three-pointers in a row. It was clear that Durant came to Game 5 ready to play, which only makes the injury all the more devastating for basketballs fans everywhere.

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