Raptors fans are still reeling from the epic Game 3 win last night. Two Warriors stars, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, were out for the game last night due to injuries. With Game 4 on the horizon, fans are anxious to know whether the stars will make a return. Well, it looks like some good news is coming to brighten up your day. Kevin Durant is out for Game 4 and Toronto Raptors fans are overjoyed. People are convinced that this game is already won. 

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr confirmed today that the star will sit out Game 4 due to his right calf strain injury. "Kevin will not play tomorrow," Kerr told media, NBA.com reports. "He will continue to get treatment, get on the court and continue to work. But he will be unavailable for Game 4". 

Although this is good news for Raptors fans, another Warriors star will be returning to the court for Game 4. Klay Thompson will be back, after sitting out Game 3 due to a hamstring injury. 

The Warriors coach confirmed his return today. "Klay will plan on playing tomorrow," he said. "So we expect him to play, barring something unforeseen."

In other news, Thompson was the latest subject of Drake's trolling last night. Even though the rapper missed the courtside action for Game 3, Drake still managed to troll Klay Thompson on Instagram.

Raptors fans are super excited to hear that Durant will be sitting out another game, leaning the odds in favour towards the Toronto franchise. 

So when is Durant expected to be back on the court? It could be soon. "I was hoping that today would be the day he could get back on the floor," Kerr said. "It's not going to be today, it's going to be probably tomorrow ... the following day ... the next couple days. So the hope would be that he could still make it back at the end of the series."

Make sure to tune in this Friday at 6 PM PT when the Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors in Game 4. After last night's win, the Raptors are leading 2-0 in the series. In other words, it'll take just two more wins before the Raptors can take home the NBA championship.