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Kids At An Oshawa Elementary School Were Caught Eating Weed Edibles And Everyone's Super Concerned

Weed edibles are what the kids seem to be doing these days. In this case, the kids really are kids. Some of them as young as 11 years old. After getting busted for the second time in a week, Durham police have gotten involved and are cautioning parents to be prepared for what they might discover in their kids' backpacks.

According to police, a sixth-grade student brought pot cookies to school earlier this month. After sharing them with the class, several students ages 11 and 12 reportedly felt "dizzy and euphoric." 

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Police say that the student's parents baked the cookies. The parents have a medical marijuana license, and somehow the cookies were stolen and ended up in their child's backpack. Police say an older sibling might've stolen the cookies first. The incident is being reviewed by Children's Aid. 

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That same week, kids from the same elementary school managed to smuggle some weed-infused gummy bears and share them with classmates. These kids were a little older, in Grades 7 and 8. Police still aren't sure how the student got ahold of the gummy bears. 

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Parents are freaking out of course, and Durham Police are taking the matter very seriously. They've even given provided teachers and staff with photos of weed gummy bears and other packaged edibles so that they know how to spot them. Kids that young should definitely not be consuming anything close to a psychoactive chemical, and police are thoroughly educating parents about the dangers. 

Source: CP24

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