If you know anything about tattoos, then you know they're more than just ink on skin. They're works of actual, real-life art.

Nowadays, it feels like everyone has at least one tatt... and that's great. If you want to express yourself through skin artwork, that's your prerogative. And if you don't have a tattoo? That's great, too! There's nothing wrong with admiring and appreciating art from afar.

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And if you are one of the many people who admire tattoos and tattoo art, then you might want to sit down for this next bit of news.

Kingston will be hosting the Limestone City Tattoo And Arts Festival this Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17 at the Four Points by Sheraton on King Street. And yup, that's right: it'll be centered around the beautiful art that is the art of tattooing!

This is the largest Ontario festival of its kind which will be honouring tattooing - and the deep connection that it has with the city of Kingston - by featuring great, local, super talented tattoo artists.

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Among the list of talented artists set to make an appearance? Azl, Brade Dawe, Cody Eich, Cory Ferguson, David Cote, Eugene Lee, Evan Dowdell, Ghandy, Henry Lewis, Hollywood, Jason Goettler, Jay Marceau, Jen Stewart, Jessica Wright, Jo Perodin, John Wayne, Jose Sanjuan, Josh Dobbs, Julie Becker, Kathy Humphrey, Kyle Staub, Milena Fusco, Nima Jolan, POL, Richard Andrews, Rob Hoskins, Shamus Mahannah, Simon Golygowski, Damian Robertson, Dan Allaston, Devin Boutcher, Josh Fields, Zema, Ryan Intzandt, Robert Witczuk, Steve Peace, Alex Dupuis, Maxime Bonneau, Mike Chalk, Dave Schultz, and Chris Tremblay. 

Not only will they be showing off their work, but they'll also be showing off their tattoo chops by inking people live at the festival. Meaning that if you want something gorgeous and unique etched on your skin... well, this is your perfect opportunity! (Just make sure to make an appointment with your preferred artist beforehand. Certain artists will be taking walk-ins at the festival, but it's always better to be safe than sorry). 

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The festival will also be showcasing tattoo themed art vendors, in addition to actual tattoos. And, as an added bonus, there'll be activities, after parties, and tons of other super fun activities to keep you guys entertained! 

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Passes for one day go for $15, and $25 for both days. It's a family-friendly event, so children are more than welcome... which pretty much means that you can grab the kids and head on out to Kingston for one glorious weekend of fun, worry-free. In fact, even if you're heading out to the festival with just your friends, you totally need to check out all that Kingston has to offer. 

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Because let's be honest for a minute, Kingston is super fun. Not only is it chock-full of events - like the Limestone City Tattoo And Arts Festival - but they've got beautiful waterfront views; a bustling art and culture scene, that includes a legit alleyway lined with art; delicious food to keep you satisfied all weekend long; a piece of Canadian history in the Kingston Penitentiary, finally open to the public after 200 years; and many more, super fun things to discover.

For more information on the Limestone City Tattoo Festival, check out their official website here. And if you're looking for a gorgeous, fun spot to get away for a weekend... go no further than Kingston, Ontario! To book your next trip to Kingston, check out their packages right here